The Destined RV'er Goes to the Devils Tower Monument

Hey There Fellow Adventurers!

I'm thrilled to take you on an epic journey to one of the most jaw-dropping natural wonders in the United States – Devil's Tower!



When approach this magnificent monolith, you'll be in awe of its sheer size and unique appearance. It's like something out of a sci-fi movie – a colossal rock formation rising dramatically from the surrounding landscape. No wonder it's been a sacred place for Native American tribes for centuries. This unusual shaped wonder was even featured in Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

As you get up close, you'll be mesmerized by the vertical columns that make up its surface. It's a rock-climber's dream, and you might spot daredevils tackling the ascent! 


But don't worry, you don't have to be an expert climber to enjoy this place – there are plenty of hiking trails that lead around the tower, offering different perspectives and breathtaking views. For an extra dose of adventure, try catching Devil's Tower at sunset – notice how the sun gracefully bathes the tower in warm hues as its tucking in for the night is absolutely magical! 


And if you're a stargazer, you're in for a treat. As night falls, the clear skies above the tower transform into a twinkling canvas of stars – perfect for a little stargazing session.

Keep an eye out for the local wildlife too! You might spot prairie dogs, deer, and maybe even some bison grazing in the distance. It's like a natural wildlife sanctuary!

Feeling a bit more mystical? Embrace the spiritual atmosphere as you learn about the legends and stories surrounding this place. You'll feel a deep connection to the land and its rich history.


Devil's Tower truly is a unique and captivating destination, and visiting it feels like stepping into a different world altogether. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or simply seeking an unforgettable adventure, this iconic landmark won't disappoint.

So jump in your RV, grab your camera, pack your sense of wonder, and get ready to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Devil's Tower. It's an adventure you'll cherish forever and share with your fellow wanderlusters! 

Happy trails, my friends! 🚐✨

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